Upright Walkers

Providing superior support for those with mobility challenges, TOPRO upright walkers offer high quality features, advanced technology, and attractive design.  Whether stemming from a medical condition, such as Parkinson's disease, or from a decreased confidence in the ability to walk due to aging, TOPRO’s offering of upright walkers provide good upper body support and comfortable armrests to support the forearms while easily using the dual function braking systems.  
For over 30 years, TOPRO products have been utilized throughout Europe at home, in rehabilitation / physical therapy settings, in retirement communities and in nursing facilities.  With an industry leading 7-year warranty plus no assembly required, TOPRO upright walkers offer mobility support for those needing support in their everyday lives.  We invite you to purchase Europe's leading upright walkers directly through our online store from TOPRO USA in the United States and Canada.
Have questions or not certain which TOPRO product is right for your specific needs? Contact our customer service team toll free at 1-833-353-2052. Thank you for your interest in TOPRO USA and the TOPRO line of upright walkers.